Class logistics

Course logistics

Course Schedule

  • The class starts on Monday 15th January 2024
  • Lectures run for 10 weeks
  • Each Monday, new lecture material is released
  • Each Friday from 12:00 to 14:00 Finnish time an optional zoom session is hosted (link in Moodle). During this session:
    • Lecturer gives a short recap
    • Students can ask questions about what was unclear
    • Lecturer and students can discuss and deepen together some topics
    • Students can ask questions about the assignment
    • It is important that you get to know the lecture material before coming to the session!! You are not expected to understand everything, it is perfectly fine to have questions, but you are expected to have a look at the material and put an effort on your own
    • If students prefer, this session can be recorded and shared on moodle afterwards.


  • This website: contains all lecture material

  • Moodle: contains “confidential” material, such as

    • link to zoom and zulip
    • Box to return exercises
    • video lectures
  • Zulip: safe place for chatting, you can ask for help any time. You are also encouraged to answer your fellow students’ questions if you know the answer.


  • Exam: 80 points
  • Project work: 20 points
  • Weekly exercise: 10 points

Final grade (for Finnish students):

>= 905
>= 804
>= 703
>= 602
>= 501
less0 (fail)

EUNICE students: ask your university for the conversion from Finnish grade to your local grading system.


  • Will be in Moodle an “open book exam”
  • Exam will open in the end of March and have time till end of April to complete it.
  • Once you start the exam, you have 3 hours.
  • You can use books, encyclopedia, resources etc. etc. but you are not allowed to use chatGPT and/or other human beings

Project work

  • can be done alone or in groups of 2 people
  • “small research project”
    • write a project report (~ 6-8 pages)
    • give feedback to your peers project
    • present your work to your peers
  • More detailed timeline during week 3

Weekly exercise

  • Each week 1 exercise sheet which has 1-2 exercises (max. 2 points in total)
  • Deadline is next week Friday
  • 10 exercise sheets in total => 20 points in total
  • In the end you can get 10 points (p/2) added to your exam
  • I.e., by actively solving weekly exercise you can boost your grade by one.

ChatGPT and plagiarism policy

  • Discussing with others in zulip is good and even encouraged, however your solutions must be your own.

  • If you solve weekly exercises together with a friend, clearly state at the beginning of the solution “solved together with XXXX”

  • Using chatGPT (or similar) to generate answers is strictly forbidden!. Students getting caught will fail the class and be reported to the university for plagiarism. Spelling and grammar mistakes will not lower your grade, hence using chatGPT to polish the language is just a pointless risk!