Learn Fuzzy logic and its applications

While in traditional logic statements can only be true or false, fuzzy logic allows truth values in between. This allows to model vagueness, and can express concepts like partial truth. Fuzzy Logic allows uncertainty quantification and resembles how humans think. It has several applications, from control theory to explainable AI.

Revolutionary interactivity with Pluto.jl

Thanks to Pluto.jl, the website is built using real code, and instead of a book, we have a series of interactive notebooks. On the website, students can play with sliders, buttons and images to interact with our simulations. You can even go further, and modify and run any code on the website!

Learn Julia

In literature it's not enough to just know the technicalities of grammar. In music it's not enough to learn the scales. The goal is to communicate experiences and emotions. For a computer scientist, it's not enough to write a working program, the program should be written with beautiful high level abstractions that speak to your audience. Julia is designed with this purpose in mind, use it in your teaching to harness its power.